Human Behavior

Actionable Insights for the Actively Curious

  • By Kare Anderson
  • September 3, 2014


Many people write about mental toughness yet a former FBI agent who worked, both in counterintelligence and as a public spokesperson, can offer actionable insights for high-stakes, sometimes unexpected or even dangerous situations. That’s why LaRae Quy’s book, Mental Toughness for Women Leaders appeals to many women and men. And, for the growing number of solopreneurs, insights for maintaining a healthy income and life are more credible from someone who embodies that lifestyle as an artist, illustrator, and leader of several local, networked communities. That’s why Freelancers’ Freedom, by Rebecca Shapiro offers unique, practical tips for navigating that sometimes daunting path. What kinds of opportunities or problems are top-of-mind for you, as a reader and/or a potential author? As a former journalist I love to learn from people with first-hand experience and an adept way of sharing news-you-can-use. That’s why Mutuality Matters to me. And my partners in Substantium, founded their social media strategy agency, PureMatter, on the fundamental #H2H belief that doing great work and highlighting the related success of others is the winning formula for growing their business. We believe that a key trait of success-oriented folks who want to savor their work and life with others is that they seek pithy, relevant tips they can put to immediate use.  That’s why we are specializing in short, idea-packed, link-laden eBooks – many embedded with short videos (mine has 12) so readers can literally see authors and/or related experts describe some of the specific tips. That means, for a low price you can get a primer on a topic plus, via the links, an opportunity to dig much deeper. Because you are here at Substantium this notion probably resonates with you. We will be reaching out to thought leaders with deep, first-hand expertise in one or more of our core book categories: Marketing, Technology, Social Engagement and Human Behavior. Consider taking these actions right now:

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