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    Substantium: The Self-Publishing Solution for Time-Pressed Readers

    • By Courtney Smith Kramer
    • September 4, 2014

    Traditional publishing isn’t for everyone. It can be a long, competitive process that often leaves little control or ownership in the hands of the author. As a reader, sifting through the millions of titles takes forever, and there’s no guarantee you’ll find quality content when you do decide to buy. We saw a need in…

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    Human Behavior

    Actionable Insights for the Actively Curious

    • By Kare Anderson
    • September 3, 2014

    Many people write about mental toughness yet a former FBI agent who worked, both in counterintelligence and as a public spokesperson, can offer actionable insights for high-stakes, sometimes unexpected or even dangerous situations. That’s why LaRae Quy’s book, Mental Toughness for Women Leaders appeals to many women and men. And, for the growing number of…